Paper and cardboard are produced from tree fibers and represent a large part of the waste stream.

Cardboard produces a large portion of waste when calculated with the volume of industries using it. If done right, it can be transferred back to recycled cardboard just like new. Today, it has become very important to understand and contribute in recycling of cardboard products. From food to consumer goods, you will see everything covered in cardboard packaging these days. But to help out the environment, you must think of recycling it rather than disposing off to trash. Our company can be that factor for you as we help you dispose of cardboard in an environmentally friendly way so that it can be used again

Companies that focus on waste and recycle have a better opportunity with maximizing their waste cost savings thus exceeding their desired profits. You would think, how is this possible? Once you have the cardboard used for your work, flatten it so they don’t take much space on your site. The cardboard that comes to us is baled and sent to processing unit. We provide solutions according to the volume of your cardboard waste, and also how the material is being packed. Our unique system helps with removal, segregation, and recycling of cardboard in such a way that it maximizes the amount of waste that you recycle. This process reduces the cost you bear and helps with increasing efficiency of business.


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