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Recycling made simple.


Recycling made simple

Aussie Paper Collections have over a decade experience in the recycling industry. We have evolved into a reliable, trusted and preferred recycling services company in Melbourne’s west and northern region.


Environmental sustainability

Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. 


To inspire and challenge Australia to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling, and efficient programs that improve economic vitality and environmental sustainability.

We are on Mission

For us environmental responsibility is not simply a corporate strategy, it is our livelihood and we are proud to say that recycling is our business.


Specializing in the development, implementation and management of recycling and waste solutions that divert waste from landfills and return value to businesses, .

Services We Provide

Reliable Paper & Cardboard Recycling Service..

  • Waste/Recycling Service

    100% Australian Owned and Operated, Aussie Paper Collections provide a wide range of waste management and recycling solutions.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    We place maximum importance on environmental sustainability and our ability in achieving ever-increasing environmental standards. Whether it’s recycling, reusing or shredding – Our recycling services are managed to the highest standards to ensure a sustainable future.

  • Our aspiration

    We aim at keeping innovative and practice in developing processes to fully utilize and realize the potential for recovery and recycling while keeping ahead of the curve in recycling services. To ensure we remain committed to the provision of environmentally and operationally safe waste management services to deliver comprehensive and tailored recycling services to meet each of our client needs for a suitable future.

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Minimize Waste & Space Save Time & Money.

We offer commercial clients cardboard & plastic waste balers & recycling compactors. Our compaction and baling solutions make a significant contribution to effective and efficient waste management, sustainable business practices, the well-being of employees and compliance with environmental regulations.
Our comprehensive range of products and services meet the challenges of waste handling in different industry sectors. From hospitality to retail restaurants, automotive to manufacturing, our service is tailored to work for you!
When choosing Aussie Paper Collection has you preferred service provider, you will experience not just a great customer experience;
MORE PROFIT: When waste is compacted, you will experience fewer container pickups and trips, becoming a cost-effective process.
MORE SPACE: Balers reduce the volume and density of waste and requires less space for storage.
MORE RECYCLING: Compact and baled waste helps increase recycling rates by optimising the recycle process and maximising valuable raw materials. It reduces waste volume and density, allowing recycling companies to recycle more efficiently. ,

We Are On A Mission !

…to continually improve Melbourne’s recycling rates!
For us environmental responsibility is not simply a corporate strategy, it is our livelihood and we are proud to say that recycling is our business.
We would be happy to talk to you about any recycling needs you may have. Call us now for an informal chat about how Aussie Paper Collection can help boost your company’s recycling initiatives and ensure you meet your legislative requirements.

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Industry Experience

Innovative Solutions Based On Many Years Of Experience In The Recycling Industry

Pick up free

We will come to your doorstep to pick up the recycling materials at the appointed time

Free bin supply

Recycling and refuse bins are free of charge unless they’re for a new supplier.

No Rental Charge

no rental charge applicable .

Making a Difference.

We are now the best Total Recycling Solutions Provider in the country


Conserve natural resources

Plants are considered limited resources. If a lot of pressure is exerted on these natural resources, they might be depleted fast. The only way to dramatically stop the pressure applied to these resources is recycling.

Reduces carbon emissions

Recycling greatly minimizes carbon emissions, commonly referred to as greenhouse gasses. If these wastes were not recycled, they would end up being combusted, emitting dangerous greenhouse gasses.

Saves energy

Recycling has been proved to save up lots of energy. Companies that utilize recycled aluminum save up to 95% energy during production of aluminum products when compared to companies that source raw materials.

One person can make a big difference

Most people have already made up their minds that one person cannot make any difference in regard to recycling waste. That thinking might apply to other fields. In recycling, an individual can make a big difference.

Saves you money

Developing the habit of buying only what you need and reusing products rather than purchasing news one saves a lot on your budget.